The Rule of Time is a piece of a story about the "Little Brown Girl". This little girl is beginning a journey in a world that can sometimes be difficult and confusing to maneuver through. As we look at The Rule of Time we see Little Brown Girl at an early age of life, measuring her height which is symbolic of her growth both physically and as an individual. As the poem states, "Grow and grow, pass every barrier and line & as you grow, don't forget to shine! For that my love, is the true Rule of Time!" This mosaic was created with the intent to encourage everyone from diverse backgrounds and age groups to continue to grow and shine, for that my loves, is the true Rule of Time! — Lauren Nefesha

Lauren is a multi-disciplined artist in the South Jersey area, a former national champion boxer, turned visual artist and musician. As a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania with an undergraduate degree in Fashion Merchandising and Eastern University with a masters degree in Urban Studies and a concentration in Community Arts, Lauren is fusing all of her talents to create art that will impact communities around the world to progress positivity and encourage individuals to go after their dreams and accomplish all that they aspire to do. Lauren is available to do custom commissioned artwork as well as "Mosaic & Sip" style parties in which she provides all inclusive services, from live music, to the food and drinks, and of course mosaics! 

Contact: laurennefesha [at],